The Art of the Weeknight Hike


The days are getting shorter, and it may be snowing in Denver this morning, but it’s not too late to get out and do some weeknight hiking.  It gives us something to look forward to in the middle of the work week and it’s tons of fun!  Here’s how we make it happen successfully.

Choose a short trail that’s near your house (especially now – can’t waste daylight driving!).  Emphasis on short – we usually pick one that’s about 3 miles, or an hour of hiking.  Then is just replaces a workout.   Make sure it’s not too technical in case you get darked on (Andrew’s way of saying get caught in the dark), and bring a headlamp just in case.  We like these trails, and also the top side of Mt. Falcon.


Go during a full moon!  We did a full moon hike earlier this summer where we hiked to the top of a local mountain, waited for the sun to set, and hiked back down in the dark.  It was so bright we didn’t even need our headlamps (see above for failed attempt to capture the moon).  And there’s something exciting about hiking in the dark, like oh, we shouldn’t be out here, but we are!

Have something planned for dinner that doesn’t need much time when you get home.  We’ve loved this tomato pie and these pork and apple hand pies, both can be made ahead.  Or pack a picnic – I love a good meat and cheese board dinner, if that’s a thing.

In the winter, try snowshoeing or cross country skiing at a local park – the ones near us are well-lit enough to ski into the evening!


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