Random Things – September


How is it October already?!  The weather suddenly cooled off here and it is feeling very fall-like.  Which means lots of baking and slow cooker meals, finally being cool enough to run after work, and patiently waiting for the trails to dry out so we can get on them!

Welcome to our semi-monthly (when we remember) random things post about things we are reading, loving, doing, etc.


We were leaf peepers for our first time ever this weekend and it was glorious (see photo above)!  Somehow over the past 8 years, we’ve managed to not be in the mountains at all for the changing of the leaves and we now know how much we’ve been missing out!  We are crossing our fingers there is still some color in SW Colorado for our upcoming hut trip!

I’ve been coveting some Outdoor Voices gear for awhile now and just saw that they are having a trunk show in Denver on 10/22 at the Barre Code – I’ll be there!

We finally made it to a farm dinner at the Lyons Farmette and loved it!  It’s a true farm-to-table experience – the food was delicious and seasonal, the flowers (it’s a working flower farm) were so beautiful, and there were alpacas.  And Andrew said we can get two (I’ve been trying to convince him of this for years).  Win.

Have you read this article by ultra superwoman Clare Gallagher?  It’s so good!  Also – does anyone else look for their running hero on the trails, or is that just me?  They all live here!

It’s about time to break out the hot apples and cinnamon Skratch.  Love filling my running/hiking pack with it on a cool morning run and getting a little shot of warmth every time I take a sip!

It snowed in the high country!  Like serious, shut down the highway snow.  We still haven’t gotten our ski passes yet, but I bought some gently used AT bindings and might need new skis to go with them.  I’m into these and these.

Fall goals:

  • Host a harvest dinner
  • Run some gravel roads (what else can you do when it keeps raining?!)
  • Try all of the pumpkin beers
  • Scope out new trails for winter hiking
  • Plant garlic
  • Go mountain biking
  • Step on all the crunchy leaves


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