Bike to Work!

So Erica is out of town this weekend at what sounds like an awesome retreat. It is a women’s weekend camp put on by REI. She did it last year and loved it, so she is in Mt. Hood and I’m taking over. I’m sure she’ll have lots to write about when she gets back.

Today, I want to talk about biking to work.  We only live a few miles from my office. So I can either drive and pay to park which seems silly, take the bus, or I can bike. I’ve found the bike ride to be a great way to get some exercise, get some good thinking done and generally find it to be more enjoyable than the other two options. I know I don’t live far from the office, but I don’t like traffic and I don’t like to pay for parking. Also, it makes me feel good about being environmentally friendly.

There are some things I’ve learned that I have either learned the hard way or think would be helpful for anyone wanting to bike to work. First off, I would suggest getting a “townie” bike. A bike that is not very expensive that you won’t care if it happens to get stolen. Both Erica and I have a single speed that we don’t mind locking up outside of the office. But to avoid said theft, I STRONGLY recommend a metal u-lock lock. Cable locks are crap and I think it should be illegal to sell those damn things. Sorry, I have a strong hate relationship with those things. I witnessed a bike I was borrowing get stolen by a guy with no more than a pair of hand held cutters. Didn’t take more than a few seconds to cut through the cable lock and he was off on the bike and I couldn’t catch him.

Some other things I would be cognizant of are weather, time of day you’ll be riding and a possible change of clothes. Particularly in Colorado be wary of the weather. It can rain at a moments notice, so I would make sure you have an alternate way home i.e. public transportation. In the morning you are usually fine unless you get to work really early, but you may need lights when you leave work. This is especially the case in the winter when it gets dark at like 4:30. Lastly, no matter if it’s hot or a little chilly, you will likely sweat. So have change of clothes and if you are particularly stinky, perhaps a shower. I think that is about it. Oh wait, a helmet. Make sure you wear a helmet. I’ve had friends that have gotten “doored” and hit by cars. Wear a helmet.

Here’s some of our favorite bike-to-work stuff:

Image 8-22-17 at 8.39 PM

1) Bike.  Also this and this; 2) Lock; 3) Helmet; 4) Lights and similar here; 5) Backpack and  Erica loves this brand, too.

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